Active improvement work recently wrapped up for a sprint Learning Lab focused on COVID-19. This work brought together six ImproveCareNow care centers (Children's Hospital and Medical Center Omaha, Duke Children's Hospital and Health Center, Levine Children's Hospital, MassGeneral Hospital for Children, Nationwide Children's Hospital & University of New Mexico Children's Hospital) to learn together and improve approaches to resuming in-person IBD clinics, safely and effectively, after closing temporarily due to COVID-19.

Centers in the COVID-19 Learning Lab worked together for 90 days and focused on three primary aims:

  • maintain or improve remission rates to 83%
  • resume >= 80% of patient encounters
  • resume QI activities (Population Management, Pre-Visit Planning, Registry Data Entry) at pre-COVID frequency

The leadership team included patients and parents guiding the work and providing feedback on the PDSAs (Plan, Do, Study, Act). Participants shared that working in the smaller group format, with more frequent meetings, held them accountable and provided an atmosphere for increased sharing. Next steps for the COVID-19 Learning Lab include finalizing a change package to capture what they learned and sharing the document across the network so other ICN centers can benefit from their work. 

About Learning Labs

ImproveCareNow Learning Labs are small groups of participating care centers with key characteristics in common or that are working on similar issues. Our Learning Lab structure enables centers to work more closely together, to catalyze improvement efforts and to maintain personal connections as our Learning Health Network grows. 

Learning Labs meet via webinar to share ideas and experiences, collaborate around new topics to support their Pathway, and work through any barriers they face. They also have opportunities to collaborate during in-person and Live Online Community Conferences. Each lab is co-led by a diverse team that include community clinicians, improvement coordinators, patients and parents, and a Quality Improvement Coach (QIC) who provides support, feedback, and new QI tools and helps nurture peer mentoring within the group.


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