Sun safety is important for everyone, but if you are living with IBD (and taking certain medications) it may be even more important for you to protect your skin from the sun.

Dr. Steve Steiner, physician leader at Riley Hospital for Children, shared that he talks to his IBD patients about sun safety for two big reasons:

  1. Because some IBD medications (classically sulfasalazine, 6MP, azathioprine and Methotrexate) cause photosensitivity.
  2. Because of the immunosuppressive effects of many IBD medications, these patients are at increased long term risk of skin cancer.
The Skin Cancer Foundation defines photosensitivity as heightened skin sensitivity or an unusual reaction when your skin is exposed to UV radiation from sunlight or a tanning bed.

So, what can you do to learn more & protect yourself from the sun? We asked Patient Advisory Council members to share their sun safety knowledge and tips for protecting their skin. Here's what they said:


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