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Feasibility and validity of the pediatric ulcerative colitis activity index in routine clinical practice

Published February 2015

Dotson JL, Crandall WV, Zhang P, Forrest CB, Bailey CJ, Colletti RB, Kappelman MD. Feasibility and validity of the pediatric ulcerative colitis activity index in routine clinical practice.  J Ped Gastroenterol Nutr 2015;60:200-4

The Pediatric Ulcerative Colitis Activity Index (PUCAI) is a noninvasive disease activity index developed as a clinical trial endpoint.  More recently, practice guidelines have recommended the use of PUCAI in routine clinical care.  We therefore sought to evaluate the feasibility, validity, and responsiveness of PUCAI in a large, diverse collection of pediatric gastroenterology practices.

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A Digital Architecture for a Network-Based Learning Health System: Integrating Chronic Care Management, Quality Improvement, and Research

Published August 17, 2015

Marsolo K, Margolis PA, Forrest CB, Colletti RB, Hutton J.  A digital architecture for a network-based learning heath system—integrating chronic care management, quality improvement, and research. eGEMs 2015;3:16. DOI 

We collaborated with the ImproveCareNow Network to create a proof-of-concept architecture for a network-based Learning Health System.  This collaboration involved transitioning an existing registry to one that is linked to the electronic health record (EHR), enabling a “data in once” strategy.  We sought to automate a series of reports that support care improvement while also demonstrating the use of observational registry data for comparative effectiveness research.

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Pilot Development of an Electronic Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Quiz-Game

Published September 2015

Tung J, Grunow J, Jacobs N.  Pilot development of an electronic pediatric inflammatory bowel disease quiz-game.  J Ped Gastroenterol Nutr 2015;61:292-6

Data suggest physicians poorly assess disease-specific literacy and transition readiness in pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  We piloted an electronic, interactive iPad quiz game that could be used in a clinical setting, with the aims of measuring IBD-related knowledge, and concomitant mood and quality of life (QOL) in a pediatric population.

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Co-production of healthcare service

Published September 16, 2015

Batalden M, Batalden P, Margolis P, Seid M, Armstrong G, Opipari-Arrigan L, Hartung H. Co-production of healthcare service.  BMJ Quality & Safety 2015; 25(8): 1-9

Efforts to ensure effective participation of patients in healthcare are called by many names-patient centeredness, patient engagement, patient experience.  Improvement initiatives in this domain often resemble the efforts of manufacturers to engage consumers in designing and marketing products.

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