My four-year-old son had recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and the worst part about the whole thing was the needles! IVs, blood draws, shots, Humira injections, etc. Around the same time as his diagnosis, I attended an ICN Virtual Community Conference and that’s where I heard about Buzzy.

During the parent update, Buzzy was mentioned as an example of a parent-led project that really made a difference in the lives of kids with IBD (in this case, it was kids who are struggling with needle phobias and injection/infusion pain). I looked Buzzy up right away and ordered one immediately.

My son loves his Buzzy, and the phlebotomists love it too! We’ve been using the device for about six months and we’re at the point where Buzzy just needs to be with my son. We don’t even need to leave Buzzy on the site as directed.

My husband also has Crohn’s, so when my boys were diagnosed I didn't need to learn about the disease as much as other newly diagnosed families. For me, it’s been the little things that have tripped me up - like needles and paying for medication that insurance has refused to cover. So, it's the little things I listen for on these webinars. Little things like Buzzy, which has saved our family a lot of tears!


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