Dear Improvers,

Hi, it’s Christian – co-chair of the PAC! I’m super excited to share that the PAC has selected a design for a new t-shirt, inspired by our work with ImproveCareNow. We call it the "My ICN Home" shirt. The concept for this shirt actually came from Spring 2018 Community Conference, and I can remember flying home after the conference, visualizing a design in my head. Here we are, one year later, and I finally brought that design to life and my fellow PAC members selected it as the design for our 2019 t-shirt! 

The concept of ImproveCareNow as a home is familiar to many of us who’ve been part of this community for a while. In fact, I wrote about it in a LOOP post last June: “I am so grateful that, as a patient, I have a place within ICN and that I get to call this oasis myICNhome. It is a home, and I am blessed with an awesome ICN family. This will always be a home for me, and I will always be a part of this ICN family. Once an improver, always an improver.”

If you’re interested in purchasing a t-shirt (or other PAC merch), here’s how:

💚 Spring 2019 Community Conference attendees can purchase a shirt (which will be delivered to you at the conference) using this special link:

💙All Improvers are invited to purchase a t-shirt, or any of our other merchandise (including pillows, phone cases, mugs, etc.) using this link:

All proceeds from the sale of t-shirts and other PAC merch will support PAC activities and our work of making a difference in the lives of our peers with IBD. Thank you for your support!

- Christian



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