Quote from Lexa Fenster, PAC member and Co-Designer of Digital Tools to Support Your Team

I looked around the breakout room at our recent Community Conference, at the group of people learning together about using digital tools, and was pleased to see 90% of the room had whipped out their cell phones and started downloading a new app that had just been talked about. I thought to myself only at an ImproveCareNow Community Conference can you find an entire room ready to try out a new tool together. These moments - whether they are at an in-person conference, on a webinar, or in clinic - epitomize the often used ICN slogan “share seamlessly and steal shamelessly.”

First, we share and steal, then we test!

This summer we tested round one of trainings in our Community Engagement Learning Series, and this week we are rolling out round two.

By offering these trainings via webinar, we hope to provide you with tools, resources and know-how to successfully meet your goals at your care center. We talk about best practices for setting goals and roles as a team. We give specific examples of how care center teams have had success in local organizing. We provide templates so your team can map out your own projects. And, along the way, we celebrate our successes together and address barriers that come up!


We want as many people as possible to take advantage of our free CELS trainings. To  get more information on our offerings, and to sign up for a webinar, see our full listing of Events and Opportunities. Want to spread the news around your center? Download our Fall Engagement Calendar and post it at your care center or share with your local team.

We believe these webinars will allow us to continuously learn from each other throughout the year so we don’t have to wait until we get to Dallas or Chicago to learn together…let’s share and learn together now!


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