Last Wednesday, I sat down armed with coffee and snacks and dialed in to the 2nd ever ImproveCareNow Virtual Community Conference—a web-based, narrated “tour” of the ImproveCareNow community. I knew I was settling in for a long time at my desk (it was, after all, a four-hour webinar), but I was excited to be able to host the event. And truly, the lion’s share of the work—people teaching and learning together—was led by a wonderful group of ImproveCareNow Community members including clinicians, patients, parents & researchers. How amazing that sitting at my desk in Wisconsin, I was able to listen to specific stories about how care is being improved TODAY for kids with IBD in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and well beyond.


These individuals were generous in sharing their time, insights, and expertise during the late afternoon/early evening when they likely had many competing responsibilities. As always, the content, delivery, and timing were all just right and the audience (including me!) learned something new from each of the wonderful presentations. Particularly impressive (but not surprising!) was the energy and excitement they conveyed at the end of very busy work and/or school days.

Fall 2017 Virtual Community Conference Videos and Storify are now available for you to view & share.

To all our speakers and participants—thank you for all you do for ImproveCareNow and for kids with IBD not just during events like the VCC, but really on any given day. To those who were joining an ImproveCareNow event for the first time: We can’t wait to start learning from you—those who took a chance, dialed in, and hopefully left with concrete ideas for getting involved and finding their own place in ImproveCareNow.



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